Frame Shop

Our frame shop provides highly specialized framing services; we can frame almost almost anything! This includes: canvases, papers, metals, photographs, certificates, diplomas, posters, puzzles, textiles, mirrors, clothing, jerseys, mirrors, and much more!

Additionally, the frame shop provides services such as canvas stretching or frame repairs.

You can directly email the frame shop at

Looking to do some DIY framing? We have supplies for that too!

The frame shop is open Tuesday through Saturday, 12-6.


How are custom frames priced?

It's hard to give a specific answer as the potential levels of customizability are extensive. Overall, you will be charged based on the amount of labor required as well as the cost of the materials, meaning that simpler requests will be cheaper than more complex projects

Can I get a price estimate without coming in to the store?

In order to receive a meaningful and accurate quote, you must bring your artwork into the store. The amount of variability and customization makes it very difficult to provide an estimate without the physical piece of art.

Can you build me a frame if I provide the measurements?

Technically yes; but we highly recommend that you come into the store. Our equipment requires highly precise measurements. In the event that you make any mistake on the measurements, you will have to pay for another frame.

How long does a consulation take?

You can expect a consulation to take about half an hour. We want you to be satisfied with your project, so expect to take some time making your choices.

How long does it take to get my art framed?

A project is generally finished in a few weeks to a month. We can provide a more specific time estimate if you come in for a consulation.